Question & Answer Session 5 November 1995


1995-11-05  Question Answer Session  


1. 00:56 Rev. Sun Myung Moon's people claim that he was the Promised Messiah and he claims to be the Second Coming, how do you see the Moonic people and what proofs should he bring with himself of being the Promised Messiah? 2. 08:51 Non-Ahmadis said Jihad is the pillar of Islam and that Ahmadis do not believe in Jihad, is this right or wrong? 3. 31:30 As I understand Muslims as a whole believe Jesus Christ was not the son of God. Why do you believe he was a Prophet? 4. 43:19 In view of the unexpected assassination of Yitzhak Rabin the Israeli Prime Minister yesterday by the extremist who tried to derail the peace process by extreme violence and suicide attack at civilian targets, what are your reaction and views about the continuation of the peace process and its possibility and success in the Middle East? 5. 1:05:00 As a Muslim we believe in all the revealed books, what is the exact nature of this belief; do we believe in them word for word or just the message as a whole? 6. 1:06:38 I am a Muslim and if I am fighting a war against a tyrant and a Christian who believes in righteousness and justice comes and helps me, will it be a Jihad? 7. 1:10:20 If I am fighting against a tyrant is that Jihad? 8. 1:15:04 Ahmadis believe that there can be subsequent Prophets who will re-iterate the message of the Prophet with every new Prophet; do you think there would be a schism in the Islamic religion so that there would be people who will accept the Prophet and would not accept the Prophet so would the total number of sub-sects that will develop by this philosophy be twice the number of people who claim to be Prophets? 9. 1:34:35 What is the difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims? © The Tahir Archive / MTA International, 2012.