Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed - Truth about National Assembly of Pakistan 1974 2-6


1974 Discussion  Urdu  


Pakistan National Assembly 1974 in which a very notroious law was passed and Ahmadies - Qadianies were declared as Non-Muslims. The complete sessions were camera recorded but at the end it was decided that not to release the camera recorded because goverment fear that the whole Pakistan Public will know the truth about the so called molvies and ulema and also the politicians and as a result they might convert to Ahmadiyyat. All the Questions that were asked were answered by Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed and the opponents were answerless upon getting such solid proofs from Quran and Hadiths. So to hide this humility it was deciced that the camera recording should not be released. IF THE ANTI-AHMADIES MULLAS AND MOLVI SAYS THAT THE ABOVE MENTION FACT IS INCORRECT THEN PLEASE GO AHEAD AND GATHER SOME COURAGE AND FORCE THE GOVERMENT TO RELEASE THAT CAMERA RECORDINGS SO THAT THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WHICH IS NOT BEING MADE PUBLIC UNTIL TODAY.