Defending The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Real Talk


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Description A talk show series discussing social issues affecting todays youth. In this programme - What is an Ahmadi? What do we believe in? - Some people say that they do not have enough knowledge to do tabligh, how can they do tabligh? - Can you elaborate on the philosophy of The Promised Messiah(as) on spreading the message with pen? - How can youth get involved in the Jihad of the pen? - Why did the Promised Messiah(as) came when Islam is complete? - Some of the converts, how did you come into Islam? - Can you elaborate on the concept of Finality of Prophethood? - Why do many non-Ahmadis hate Ahmadis? - It is alleged that Ahmadiyyat is cult and has no basis in Islam. - It is alleged that chanda (financial sacrifice) is a compulsory tax on Ahmadis. - Where do non-Ahmadi mullahs get money to build mosques? - There are so many appeals of "Dawah" by non-Ahmadis, what are these? - Holy Prophet(saw) had obligatory chanda, how can non-Ahmadis accuse Ahmadis?? - Comments on the allegation that Ahmadis are brain washed. Comments from guests and converts to Islam Ahmadiyya.