Darsul Quran. al-Nisa [The Women]: 62 - 65


1998-01-12  Darsul Quran  Urdu  


'And when it is said to them 'Come to what Allah has revealed to the Messenger' thou seest the hypocrites turn away from thee in aversion. Then how is it that when disaster strikes them because of what their hands have done they come to thee swearing 'By Allah we only meant it as an act of kindness and conciliation'. These are they the secrets of whose hearts Allah knows well. So ignore them and admonish them and speak to them concerning themselves an effective word. And We have sent no Messenger but that he be obeyed by the command of Allah. And if they had come to thee when they had wronged themselves and asked forgiveness of Allah and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them they would surely have found Allah Oft-Accepting, Merciful.' Scholars have written so many things about verse number 62 but after a brief mention we shall then continue onwards. It is mentioned in verse number 62 that the hypocrites are at a hindrance in coming to you for advice as has been mentioned in: And when it is said to them 'Come so that the Messenger of Allah may ask forgiveness for you' they turn their heads aside and thou seest them backing off in arrogant disdain. ('The Holy Quran'. Sura' al-Munafiqun [The Hypocrites]: 6). However it is not hinted anywhere that they should be beheaded because of these reasons and in fact they are left with a chance of repentance in their favour. Various scholars have offered possible explanations but the Shias have dealt unjustly and narrated many weird and wonderful things. This verse is not only concerned with the people of the time of the Holy Prophet ﷺ but with all ages and this will con tune happening in the future as well and people will turn aside from the religious system which is the system prescribed by Allah and His Messenger and turn towards the system of the transgressors. What is said in this verse is everlasting and we are seeing its application in cases today. When both parties understand that this decision will not be meted out in our favour they leave the system of the Community and go to other courts and end up at such a loss that they lose everything. Then they return to the Community saying that they had acted to save the Community any trouble, and beg them to decide. In such cases I instruct that nothing should be done now. Only yesterday I received a letter from one who stated that 'I fully believe in the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him), I believe in you but cannot trust the administration of the Community'. When you reject the administration of the Community you reject me and the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him). Imam Shawkani has written about 'because of what their hands have done' in verse number 64 that they decline towards the transgressors because of their sins. In other words they go towards Satan instead of towards God because of their sins. My personal decision is that these verses are not related to any particular incident. It is a continual situation. As it is today so will it be tomorrow and this verse has a permanence and its effect is continual and will remain so. It is stated in verse number 64 that one's attitude ought to be to ignore them and not to interfere but to speak to them in such terms as penetrate into their hearts so that they understand and re-enter into the fold of the system of the Community which is an effective result of comprehensive advise. 12 January 1998. © The Tahir Archive, 2012.