Friday Sermon 14 November 1997


1997-11-14  Friday Sermon  Khutba Juma  Urdu  


In the last few sermons, I drew the attention of the Jamat to the importance of Prayers. In this context I also explained things about the Prayers in the Urdu Class which were of benefit to them as well as to the Jamat. With the bounty of Allah these sermons have been widely effective. There are a large number of letters in my mail in which friends have asked Allah for forgiveness for their past negligence of Prayer and written that their fortunes have turned. Some did not observe them at all, some who observed them were engulfed by divergent thoughts. Others have written that 'We had become altogether averse to Prayer but have now suddenly become interested'. It is a great bounty of God that He has provided the means to instruct the Jamat in this age about Prayer. The fact of the matter is that however much the subject of Prayer is can never be emphasised enough because Prayer is the ascent of the faithful. Prayer is the central point of a believer's life. As the congregational prayer concerns the mosques so Almighty God has given this glad tiding that the verdict passed on 30 June 1997 by the local Civil Judge concerning the Dulmial mosque was deferred. Although his prior verdict was very antagonizing but Allah the Almighty through His grace made such an amendment even before the delivery [of his verdict] that the mosque never came out of our hands. This verdict of 30 June has been overturned by a verdict of 10 November. The Session judge of Chakwal has abrogated the prior deferred decree and now by the grace of God this mosque is even legally in the possession of the Jamat. God Almighty had already given the tiding about this to a lady of Dulmial itself that it would be so. This lady is Mrs. Fazal Noor the wife of al-Hajj Fazal Elahi (of Birmingham) who saw in a vision on the morning of 10 October which was 'Friday the 10th' that I am giving the tiding to the Jamat that the verdict has been overturned and Allah the Almighty has caused the Dulmial mosque to be returned to the Jamat. I announce at today's Jumma that Almighty God has fulfilled this vision word for word and this is also the blessing of 'Friday the 10th' that the mosque has been restored. Regarding the martyrdom of Dr. Nazeer Ahmad of Duhinki I draw the attention of the Jamat towards prayer as this is an extremely downtrodden area were murders are a normal daily occurrence. The top criminal murderers roar about freely and the Police have no courage to touch them. Dr. Nazeer Ahmad was martyred by such crooked robber Maulvis who are now spreading fear and trepidation throughout the area to save themselves. They disturb the Ahmadis who are witnesses so they would be frightened and so that the management would come under their spell and do away with the case. During this time the local Ahmadis are also receiving death threats. In recent days with the grace of Allah the Jamat has been able to convert people in Pakistan. Moreover these opponents also see the revolution launched in this area and they want the entire scheme of proselyting [being carried out] by the Jamat to be totally eradicated. Also in your prayers remember the fact that Allah has granted us this Mubahila [Quranic prayer duel] year and we have seen many of its blessings. May Allah frustrate all these Maulvis. As far as the summoners to Allah are concerned they should keep proceeding. This year would kill the Maulvis. Take as many precautions as you can because Allah the Almighty in 'The Holy Quran' has recommended wisdom in preaching. Returning to the subject of Prayer, many friends, many children are also writing letters that show that the Jamat is invigorated and the pleasure of God is engulfing the hearts of the Ahmadis with its joy in large numbers. So continue the Prayer and then watch how with the bounty of Allah many abundant and innumerable graces of God would descend upon us. One need not fear if the Prayer collapses again and again. Rather be fearful as to whether we continue trying to uplift this falling Prayer or not. If we do try then Allah the Almighty promises to help you. I advise that you should reform your Prayers as much as possible. Never consider it a minor thing. The text © The Tahir Archive / MTA International, 2016.