Tarjumatul Quran - Surah al-Safat [The Rows]: 1 - 37




The early verses speak of the methodology of the warriors in the field of preaching that they leap upon the enemy in unison and provoke them but this style [of theirs] is not because of any arrogance or haughtiness but out of esteem for God and to establish [His] Oneness. They advance towards the enemy praising God and I assume that رَبُّ ٱلْمَشَرِقِ [Lord of the sources of light'] in verse Number 6 alludes to the prevalence of Islam beginning from the areas in the Near East and the Far East and that is how it was. In verse Number 7 it states that the stars are outside of the Earth's atmosphere and they protect the Earth's atmosphere. Verse Number 11 alludes to those who copy the Prophets and deceive people as Zimri did. Examples of such people can also be found in this day and age. طِينٍۢ لَّازِبٍۭ [sticky clay'] in verse Number 12 tells the story of the secret of the Evolution of life. The Holy Prophet ﷺ understood the pleasant secrets of Sticky Clay and would also wonder at it in amazement. But the foolish enemies would mock at it and called it magic. In answer to the question raised by the disbelievers about resurrection verse Number 17 and 18 'The Holy Quran' warns that 'You would certainly be resurrected but in the same loathsome form as decaying bones are loathsome and that would be the Day of Decision. أَزْوَجَهُمْ ['their ilk'] in verse Number 23 means their co-partners. 24 February 1998. © The Tahir Archive / MTA International, 2016.