Ulemas Hide these facts - Anti Ahmadiyya Ulema were rewarded by Britishers.


2011-08-13  Urdu  


Aclip from Rah-e-Huda program (MTA) Telecasted on August 13th 2011 Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement in Islam is the only sect in Islam who follows the True Islam as it was presented by Holy Prophet SAW. Holy Prophet PBUH said that in the later days my Ummat will split into 73 sects and out of these only 1 will be good and the rest of 72 will be bad. Today All 72 sects of Islam gathered together and declared that Infact 72 sects of Islam are good and only 1 sect which is Ahmadiyya Muslims is bad and so declared Ahmadiyya Muslims as non-muslims. We still accept the decision of Holy Prophet SAW that 72 bad and 1 good but All other Muslims believe the opposite of what Holy prophet SAW stated. Holy Prophet SAW also stated that at the start of 14th centry hidjry Imam Mahdi will appear and his prophecy fulfilled when Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani declared that Allah has revealed to him that he infact is the Imam Mahdi and Masih Maoud and Mahdi Maoud. He declared this in 1889 and soon after this all the muslims scholars of that time started to demand that if he is the true Messiah then as per prophecy of Holy Prophet SAW there should be a solar and lunar eclipse. All the schoars demanded that in the hadith it is clearly stated that there will be lunar eclipse in the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan and also a solar eclipse toward the end of the month in the same month of Ramadan. There was quite a demand and Imam Mahdi was declared as KAFIR if he failed to show those signs ...