Question and Answer Session (Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, 22 Sep 1996) with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad


1996-09-22  Question Answer Session  


@ 00:20 Origin of life and scientific evidence. @ 05:50 Did Hazrat Baba Nanak had any views about coming of the Promised Messiah? @ 10:27 Who is Zulqarnain mentioned in the Holy Quran? @ 36:09 If we are not allowed to gamble why are we allowed to buy shares in stock exchange? @ 39:08 Question about Sunnah prayers. @ 44:27 If a child misbehaves, is it allowed in Islam to punish the child and if yes what sort of punishment? @ 48:23 Wars in African countries, have they displeased Allah? @ 51:27 We are spreading Islam Ahmadiyyat for the goodness of mankind, but people oppose us and persecute us, is this a promise it would happen? @ 53:18 Why is the grave of the Promised Messiah's father in the mosque in Qadian? @ 1:02:00 Sufi philosophy about dualism of Quran and God. Philosphers in dark ages. How to talk to people who have wrong concept of God. @ 1:16:19 The history books published in Europe do not include Muslim history and their achievements. @ 1:20:12 A discussion with a priest. @ 1:30:07 In Salat if we sneeze do we say Alhamdolillah or we carry on with Salat? @ 1:32:02 Use of Euthanasia (Mercy Killing).