Ahmadiyya احمدیہ vs Non-Ahmadiyya 3 Hrs Debate (Munazra)- Did Issa Physically Ascend?




Ahmadiyya احمدیہ vs Non-Ahmadiyya 3 hours Debate (Munazra) on Death of Jesus (as). Debate held between Non-Ahmadiyya Debater Qari Aalim & Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad/Mubashir Kahloon. This Ahmadiyya vs Non-Ahmadiyya debate was held in November 2009. Ahmadiyya vs Non-Ahmadiyya Debate proves that how Mullah are following fairy tales without any argument/proof from Quran & Sunnah. Mullahs irrational approach vs Ahmadiyya Rational understanding of Islam based on SOLID arguments presented in this debate worth listening. Please rate as well as enter comments on the video.