Interview With Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Jalil


1908-04-01  Interviews  


Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Jalil was born on 2 July 1910 in Qadian. His father Maulana Muhammad Ismael who belonged to the home town of Halalapur, converted to Ahmadiyya in April 1908. Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Jalil joined the Furqan Force on 23 August 1947 after which he served the Community as a Jurist. He was married to Fatima Begum who pre-deceased him. His eldest son Munawar Ahmad also pre-deceased him. His second son Mubashar Saleem is a doctor. He has 4 surviving daughters, namely Amtul Majeed - Wife of Nasir Ahmad Parwazi (Canada), Amtul Sami - Wife of Wing Commander Hameed Ahmad Bhatti (Karachi -Kaistan), Amtul Shakur - Wife of Muhammad Ahmad, an engineer and Amtul Naseer - Wife of Muhammad Ahmad (USA). The Mufti passed away on 27 April 2005 at his daughter's house in Birmingham where he had been residing since his retirement of Mufti of Ahmadiyya. He was buried in Bahishti Maqbarah, Rabwah on 29 April. The tribute paid to the Mufti by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V in his Friday Sermon of 29 April 2005 can be seen here © The Tahir Archive / MTA Intnernational, 2016.