Truth of Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Pakistan National Assembly 1974-p3


1974 Discussion  Urdu  


In 1974 National Assembly of Pakistan violated human rights acts and Declared Ahmadiyya Sect or Qadianis as Non-Muslim using the law of Pakistan. Jamaat Ahmadiyya was represented by its Imam Hadrat Mirza Nasir Ahmed and he answered all the allegations raised by rest of the Muslim Sects and all of them were answerless to such an extent that it was decided that all the sessions of this assembly should not be released to Public. All the event were recorded on Cameras but never made public to this date. Goverment feared that if made public the whole nation will know the truth and might convert. In this video some facts are explained by the Imam of Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Points to be noted: Holy Prophet SAW once said that If Jews were divided into 72 sects then my Ummat will split into 73 sects and out of that only 1 will be on the correct path and the rest of 72 are going to Hell. When the compansions of Holy Prophet SAW asked what is the signs of that 1 sect who will be on the correct path. Then Holy Prophet SAW said that it will be organized into 1 jamaat under a leader and will be just like my companions ie everyone will be against us. Today we can see that all the 72 sects of Muslim consider all the rest as Kafirs. They only united despite of their differences with each other to declare Ahmadies as non-muslim. Holy Prophet SAW said that out of 73 sects only 1 will be going to Heaven and rest to Hell, Where as National Assembly of Pakistan Declared totally againts the Holy ...