Islam Ahmadiyya Questions: Forced Marriages, Polygamy, Partners in Heaven, Punishments, Divorce


Faith Matters 67 Q1 @ 01:55 What is the Islamic view on the forced marriages? Q2 @ 10:40 Since Quran permits Muslim men to marry more than one wife what will happen if the wife isn't happy about her husband marrying another wife? Is it still allowed for man to go ahead and marry another wife? Q3 @ 20:18 What is the true Islamic position on female circumcision? Q4 @ 23:28 Alcohol is forbidden for those who believe in Islam. Then what is the meaning of this statement "those who drink in this world will not taste alcohol in heaven"? Q5 @ 28:50 Men are promised female partners in the heaven, what about women? Where does this concept come from that martyrs will get 70 virgins? Q6 @ 35:33 What is philosophy of Islamic punishments such as cutting hands or capital punishment? Q7 @ 42:00 What are the rights of divorce in Islam? Q8 @ 48:55 Is a girl allowed to apply for Haq Mahr (Dowry) when she is applying for Khula (Divorce)? Q9 @ 51:35 According to Islamic law a widows has to stay in her home for about 4 months after the husband has passed away. If she has a job and need to work, what can she do?