Friday Sermon 22 August 1997


1997-08-22  Friday Sermon  Khutba Juma  Urdu  


With the grace of God my tour of Germany has been very beneficial and fulfilling. I thank the Ahmadiyya Community in Germany for their excellent care of the guests. So many audiences and so many sessions were held during this brief time that it seems like it was a long period. The entire Jamat of Germany has been busy and has been tirelessly so. Perhaps in no other country have such vast projects been launched as they have been here and for which foundations have been laid by the Jamat in Germany. As this is the age of Bayats [initiations] and people are offering Bayats in large numbers. So the following counsel should be conveyed to every person initiated. The Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) says that 'This Bayat is a sowing of the seed of virtuous actions' so it is as if a sapling of virtuous deeds has been planted which should grow into a tree of virtuous actions. Similarly His Holiness has tied the subject of repentance with the Bayat and advised that Bayat should result in a pure transformation within yourselves and faith should be given precedence over the world. However this desperately requires Divine assistance. Just as a seed once planted requires constant care similarly if one sows a seed and only prays then one would remain deprived. If there is no prayer along with effort and no effort along with prayer this subject would be incomplete. In the light of the statement of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) certain people seem very pious and offer worship but receive no help from God because they worship out of formality. If there is no proximity to God through worship and if there is no journeying towards Him then those prayers are empty prayers which are prone to the attacks of Satan. If the new initiate takes measures with the intention to draw closer to God and embarks upon the journey then with the grace of God they would never stumble and even save others who stumble. So be mindful in a state of faithfulness and [through] worship. The state of the opponents of the Jamat is such that any place the Jamat progresses in, where people receive the truth they catch fire but they care not a jot if the Muslims are indulging in evils and their morals and beliefs get worse by the day, they indulge in drunkenness and gambling. 'The Holy Quran' tells us لِيَغِيظَ بِهِمُ الْكُفَّارَ ['that He may cause the deniers to burn with rage at them']* that when the plant of God thrives and flourishes the enemy would burn in anger and cause disturbance but they cannot possibly halt this progress. How can they halt this progress? But they do create uproar. Some of them with high earnings expend their wealth [to stop people] entering this Jamat but how can they stop the progress? This is how the enemy tries to stop God's people from treading the paths of God and it only ever stops from the paths of God it cares not in the least about any other paths. In the light of the statement of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) to correct oneself by night and to guide others by day I advise friends that the Tahajjud prayer better equips one to guide others. To wake during the nights is important for self-reformation. The purpose of Tahajjud is so that one may empty oneself of ills and reach the Muqam i Mahmood. If you firmly grasp these admonishments in all their finesse as advised by His Holiness then by the grace of God you would advance so fast that what you are calling progress today would seem to be dwarfed before it. * Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And those who are with him are firm against the non-believers tender among themselves thou seest them devoted and obedient to Allah in seeking His grace and pleasure they bear the impression of prostration upon their faces. This is their description in the Torah. And their description in the Gospel is like a seed that sends forth its shoot, becomes strong then grows thick and stands firm on its stem to the delight of its sowers that He may cause the deniers to burn with rage at them. Allah has promised unto those of them who believe and act righteously forgiveness and a great reward. ('The Holy Quran'. al-Fat’ha [The Triumph]: 30). The text Berlin - Germany. © The Tahir Archive / MTA International, 2016.