Tarjumatul Quran - Surah al-Dhariyat [The Winnowing Winds]: 27 - 61




These verses mention the incident of the dignified strangers that came as guests to the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) who instead of saying Assalamo Alaikum [Peace be on you] said سَلَمٌۭ ['Peace!'] and the Prophet Abraham also said replied with سَلَمٌۭ and when the Prophet Abraham presented a roasted calf to them they did not extend their hands. So the Prophet Abraham felt a little frightened. From the time of the Prophet Abraham it was the custom in the Middle East that if a guest received hospitality they would pose no threat but if they did not partake from it then it meant that they had come with some bad intent. In view of this same principle the Sultan Saladin Ayyub did not permit a mischievous and evil general to drink water when he was extremely thirsty. When the Glass reached his mouth the Sultan struck it away with his sword. Certain orientalists only presented this singular allegation against Saladin that he did not permit a thirsty person to drink. The reason for it was that the general had set out intending to insult the Holy Prophet ﷺ and the Sultan did not want to forgive his intent. Had he drunk the water it would have been necessary to save his life. When the guests that came to the Prophet Abraham gave him tidings of an illustrious son his noble wife Hazrat Sarah said that 'I am a barren old lady. I never bore children even in my youth so how would I bear any now?' Hazrat Sarah took the onus of no male progeny being born to the Prophet Abraham upon herself. In verse Number 48 وَٱلسَّمَآءَ بَنَيْنَهَا بِأَيْي۟دٍۢ ['We built the heavens with might'] the meaning of أَيْي۟دٍۢ is might and the information of the continual expansion of the universe is not given in any other book except in 'The Holy Quran' and that is also what is asserted by the modern Sciences. 8 September 1998. © The Tahir Archive / MTA International, 2016.